SkyDeck’s first project in The Netherlands

8 februari 2016


In October 2015 SkyDeck Europe installed the first QuikDeck platform in the atrium of the Rijkswaterstaat building in Maastricht.

Rijkswaterstaat demanded no interference with the daily activities inside the building, since people go to work there every day, nor that the atrium’s beautiful stone floor be damaged in any way by scaffolding. Added to that they were keen to try out a new innovative product, which offered Rijkswaterstaat options for applications such as bridge maintenance.

Difficult logistics

Because of the fragile floor in the atrium we could not call in the support of a crane to hoist the QuikDeck starter platform in place. All the separate components had to be man handled into the building and hoisted by manpower and one single winch. Even with these challenges the Sky-Access team needed only one week to complete the platform.

The only item that was carefully placed on the floor was the scaffold stair tower, which allowed the painters and window cleaners easy access to their secure work platform of 650m2.